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Magnet is a not-for-profit social innovation founded by Ryerson University, in partnership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), which represents 60,000 businesses across Canada and more than two million jobs.

Magnet is a new network powered by data-rich, job-matching technology that connects job seekers with employers based upon skills, preferences and talent needs. The network is also a unique source of real-time labour market information for decision makers and community planners.

Magnet’s goal is to address unemployment and under-employment specifically as it relates to youth, new immigrants, Aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and other individuals facing barriers to employment.

The network’s vision is to help connect jobs to people and enhance the economic strength of communities.

What’s unique about Magnet is that it provides a technology-driven, multi-faceted approach to solving these pressing social issues by bringing together five stakeholder groups—education, government, labour, not-for-profit and industry sectors—on one common platform to address one common goal.

Magnet promises to revolutionize how people find meaningful employment and how organizations source talent.

The job-matching platform, incubated at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone, was tested and tried in real-time with approximately 20,000 Ryerson students and alumni over a two-year period.

To date, Magnet’s partners include 25 Ontario colleges and universities, the OCC, representing over 60,000 employers, and more than 80 community- and employment-based organizations.

Magnet was formally launched in September 2014 and the network is expanding across Canada.

You can learn more at magnet.today.

DurhamProsperity.ca has partnered with Magnet to address unemployment and underemployment in Durham Region. The team at DurhamProsperity.ca understands the pressure of unemployment, whether it’s stress on our economy from a lack of productivity, or closer to home, where the impact can be felt on friends, families and community.

funding provided by the Province of OntarioMagnet funding is provided by: